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Get to know us

Meet the Team

The team of CounterBalance brings together a group of some of the most eclectic and experienced professionals in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Serving clients and members both locally and worldwide, CounterBalance has been a pioneer in  the ever changing fitness industry bringing you the most modern and cutting edge training environment and fitness education available.

Amy J Gallant

Certified Elite Master Personal Trainer & Founder

Amy J. Gallant is a highly motivating and energetic person with extensive involvement in the sports and fitness industry for over the last three decades of her life. After having started her own journey towards Wellness at age 12, she has ventured into many different areas of fitness conditioning, personally, and also professionally coaching thousands of clients throughout her career. Areas of expertise and experience include; Group Fitness Instruction, Personal Training, Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting, Bodybuilding,  Figure, Physique Competition Prep, Sports Conditioning Strength Coaching, Post-Rehabilitative/Pain & Posture Corrective Training, Pre & Post-Natal Training, Online Coaching, Reiki Healing, Yoga as well as Orthomolecular Nutrition and Sport Nutrition. Amy is also a an Elite Master Trainer Personal Trainer (certifying instructor) for various course line ups. Professionally, she has over 20 years experience training clients, obtaining phenomenal results with her training methods.


Amy's idea of the need to “CounterBalance” elements in one's life to obtain their highest sense of well-being and health is what spurned her passion to create the fitness community we have all grown to love. Only through the pursuit of understanding all elements of health, wellness, nutrition and conditioning the body intelligently, can one obtain a higher quality of immunity, of fitness, of physical appearance and of pain-free physical function. Train smart, Get results!


Morgan Smith

Facility Manager

With roots in team sports and powerlifting, Morgan is a well-versed fitness enthusiast. She believes that everyone has the right to workout in an all-inclusive training environment and she strives to implement this in our community every day.

Having been a long time CounterBalance member with a background in Office Administration before assuming her role as  Facility Manager, she knows what it takes to maintain the reputation of CounterBalance Conditioning. Along with her Front Desk staff, Morgan works to provide a clean, organized and welcoming facility environment for all members to enjoy.


Danielle McIntyre

Certified Elite Personal Trainer 

With well over a decade of experience, Danielle is currently a Certified Personal Trainer and Physiotherapist  assistant. Danielle brings to CounterBalance many exciting approaches to programming and exercise focusing on the individual needs of each and every client. Danielle has been training CounterBalance clients for the last decade and a half in various areas of discipline like sport, muscle  gain and fat loss. Through good nutrition habits, a well balanced workout regimen, and her own pursuit of sport, she has developed the skills necessary to continue to create a positive impact in the fitness industry. With uniquely developed and advanced program designs, Danielle's coaching will bring you to a more healthy and balanced lifestyle, naturally.


Patricia Barrett

Certified Elite Personal Trainer

Patricia is a fitness enthusiast with over a decade and a half of Certified Trainer expertise with CounterBalance. With a Bachelor of Recreation Degree, Patricia has participated extensively in numerous sporting and fitness-related activities on regional,  provincial and national  levels.  At present, she enjoys resistance and physique-based training. Her client instruction focus integrates muscle balance, symmetry, body composition and postural enhancement through her program designs. Core and functional strength conditioning balanced with proper flexibility and nutrition intake is her key approach with clients. Patricia brings extensive experience in working in a team environment as well as a dynamic personality to CounterBalance. She enjoys sharing her experience and enthusiasm with her clients.

Tristan Dower

Certified Elite Personal Trainer 

Tristan is a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer and MSc Physiotherapy student from Gillams, NL. After many years competing in high performance sport, Tristan turned a passion for movement into a career by obtaining a Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology. Along the way, Tristan has intensely studied anatomy, exercise physiology, biomechanics, and many other exercise-adjacent concepts that have enabled him to provide specific, personalized, and effective training services for previous clients. Prior to joining CounterBalance, Tristan has worked as a strength and conditioning coach and was tasked with preparing elite athletes for the highest levels of competition in a variety of sports. In addition to his knowledge and experience, Tristan has a passion for helping others achieve their goals and lead better lifestyles through movement. Outside of the gym, you’ll find Tristan enjoying a coffee at a local café or on the golf course!


Lucas Park

Certified Elite Personal Trainer 

Lucas is an experienced CSEP Certified Personal Trainer with a Bachelor's degree in Kinesiology, soon to start a MSc Physiotherapy program in the Fall of 2024. Lucas has competed at an elite level in both hockey and baseball which allows him to draw on his Personal Training experience when designing and implementing programs for his clients. Along with his experience, Lucas’ studies in exercise physiology, anatomy, and the exercise sciences throughout his undergrad allow him to personalize programs to fit any individual needs in the most effective manner. Lucas has worked with many athletes in both group and individual settings with a focus on improving strength, power, and conditioning for the specific needs of each athlete in their respective sports. Lucas is a big believer in the importance of the role of using physical activity for maintaining one's mental health. Lucas can often be seen outside the gym at the baseball field, golf course or hockey rink both participating and observing games with friends and family.

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