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To follow up from my previous blog, meal prepping is KEY to making or breaking the results of a muscle gain or a fat shred goal. Prepping in bulk is also a must! So what do we do to free up even more time from the kitchen? We prep for long term! Prepping long term helps you to stick more easily to your goals, to have quick and accessible meals available in an instant, to reduce the amount of cooking and food prep time spent weekly and allows for quicker grab and go options for busy lifestyles!

Here you can see that I have portioned out and frozen many of my carb and protein amounts into freezer bags (or you can use measured Tupperware containers as well for ease).

Each bag generally contains two portions of a food type for me. This can be done with many foods from cooked proteins and carbs to even cooked veggies! It makes meal prepping in the morning a cinch, and I can mix and match meal components in containers for an entire day's food intake to have with me on the go in my 6 meal carry cooler! This way, there is never a concern about going hungry or missing meals ... EVER!

So as the old saying goes, "Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail!" because ABS ARE CREATED IN THE KITCHEN! The bigger the deep freeze, the easier the prep ;) NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE! It merely takes organization and prioritizing 1-2 big cook ups a week and freezing large amounts, which is much easier than prepping individual meals on the fly. So save yourself time, and MONEY, and start investing in long term meal prep!

You owe it to yourself to feed your body healthily and nutritiously. This way of eating usually stems out to quicker family meal times as well! I used to prep in bulk protein sweet potato waffles/pancakes for my son by the dozens and freeze them.

In the mornings, I would take one out, pop it in the oven or toaster to heat it up, spread a little natural fruit spread on it and voila ... a jam packed healthy breakfast on the fly. I even used to slip vital greens and all sorts of power packed vitamin additives into his morning waffle breakfast and he never was aware of it ;). Long term meal prep is a healthy, easy and affordable to prep food for the home. The only excuses you have are the ones you give yourself! Get organizing and get prepping! Happy eating!

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