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Online Individual and Group Coaching Programs

Since the advent of the online media explosion frenzy, Trainers have now been able to span their reaches worldwide! Our online and distance coaching options have allowed CounterBalance to bring our Training methodology to the provincial, national and international scene. Onlne coaching programs are geared toward clients who may already have a background in training, people who may have been past Personal Training clients, or those who may have the capacity and understanding of how to work out, but are unable to realize their full potential without professional guidance. Affordable and yielding amazing results, our Online Clientele base has been rapidly growing in recent years! This could be YOUR key to obtaining your ultimate fitness aspiration. We conduct both Online Group Conditioning programs and Individual Coaching options as well as Coaching for Physique-based Competitive Prep. Visit our FaceBook and Instagram pages frequently for Online enrollment opportunities as they arise!



Initial Consultation ONLY: $50.00 plus tax a month (doesn’t include program or diet design.)

Online Coaching ONLY: $75.00/65.00/50.00 plus tax a month (Rate dependent upon Trainer Tier - doesn’t include program or diet design. Includes text/email/call/video consultation support as well as any progressions for modification suggestions for any plans or dietary designs )

Program Design ONLY: $135.00 plus tax (doesn’t include online coaching or diet design)

Diet & Supplementation Design ONLY: $135.00 plus tax (doesn’t include coaching, consultation required)

START UP 4 WEEK PACKAGE* (Includes Consult, Program Design, Diet/Supplementation Design, Online Coaching monthly fee)

$402.00 plus tax

*$7.00 monthly Training App Admin Fee applied additionally to all training packages.


CounterBalance runs various 4, 6 & 8 week Online Group Coaching Program Registrations numerous times throughout the year. Examples are our NewUin62 Photo-Ready Shred 8 Week Program, CBalance 6 Week Summer Shred Fest, Santa Shred 4 Week Program, CBalance Quarantine Games 4 Week Program Challenges and more! All online group programs are conducted by Elite Master Personal Trainer, Amy J. Gallant. Included is a progressive resistance and cardio training plan, flexible meal planner, supplement list and weekly coaching & learning opportunities in an online group forum/seminar setting, and more!

4 Week Registration*: $250.00 plus tax 

6 Week Registration*: $300.00 plus tax

8 Week Registration*: $350.00 plus tax 

*$7.00 monthly Training App Admin Fee applied to all training packages.

Please visit the CCC Events Tab on this page for any information pertaining to upcoming online group coaching event registrations!


Stage and Physique Competitive Prep Online Coaching requires individualized assessment for a package compilation. Depending on the competitor's experience and competitive background, different lengths of time and/or work or phases for training, conditioning and prepping may be required.

*$7.00 monthly Training App Admin Fee applied to all training packages.


Please email Amy J Gallant, Elite Master Personal Trainer at for an overview, further details/info and quotes on any of the above!

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