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Elite Personal Trainer, CounterBalance Inc.


Professional Creditations/Certifications:

Personal Trainer Specialist (canfitpro)

B.Phys Ed (Recreation)


Patricia Barrett, a fitness enthusiast with over 12 years of Trainer expertise with CounterBalance under her belt, has participated extensively in numerous sports and fitness-related activities, as a team player, leader or a coach. She has experience with competitive and non-competitive sport on regional, provincial and national levels. At present, Patricia enjoys resistance and physique-based training. Her focus in client instruction focuses on muscle balance and symmetry, body composition and postural enhancement. She achieves this through core and functional strength conditioning balanced with proper flexibility and nutrition intake. Patricia brings extensive experience in working  with a team environment and a dynamic personality to CounterBalance. She looks forward to sharing her experience and enthusiasm with her clients.

Pat's areas of conditioning interest are:

- Fat Loss and Body Sculpting

- Muscle Gain and Body Composition Change

- Circuit Conditioning

- Metabolic Conditioning

- And much more...

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Call our Front Desk at 1(709)634-4275 or email for more info on our Personal Training services and Trainers.

Patricia Barrett Bio

Pat's Private Packages & Rates:
Pat's Online Packages & Rates:

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Pat's Private Packages & Rates:
Pat's Online Packages & Rates:
Pat's Private Packages & Rates:
Pat's Online Packages & Rates:
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