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CounterBalance (koun'tər-băl'əns) : A force or influence equally counteracting another to regain balance.


Life is a constant game of CounterBalancing. Your fitness conditioning is no exception. Consistency is necessary in your Training, Nutrition, Flexibility & Relaxation in order to obtain long term success. We, the Trainers, and Staff at CounterBalance Conditioning & Fitness Inc., strive to create the most comprehensive all-inclusive programming and training experience tailored to your individual fitness goals and aspirations. From sport conditioning and fat loss programs, to post-rehab and functional core training, to large group Personal Training camps and holistic healing -- we offer every avenue to condition your body intelligently to GET RESULTS!

​The CounterBalance Conditioning & Fitness Centre

Nestled in downtown Corner Brook, Newfoundland, the CounterBalance Conditioning Centre is conveniently located at the Valley Malll around the back of the building, and is easily accessible with ample parking. The CounterBalance Conditioning Centre is a Co-Ed facility, open 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week. Our members enjoy continual facility  accessibility at their fingertips any time of the day or night. Our Centre is also video monitored 24-7 for the security and safety of our clients who are provided with swipe cards for exclusive access at their leisure. Our Centre has a no scent policy and cleans only with organic, non-toxic cleaners for a healthier training environment. Our members are provided with an installed water filtration system of reverse osmosis which filters the water up to four times for the cleanest drinking water possible for our clients.

The Space

An inviting and cozy atmosphere, our facility has space dedicated to both weight training and core conditioning. With 5000 sq feet of facility space, our gym has everything and more to make your training experience the most enjoyable. Our facility is fully disability accessible!! Satellite music streams and three cable TVs are available for media entertainment along with FREE WIFI for the convenience of our members. The CounterBalance Conditioning Centre also has a tanning bed for drop-in tanning during staffed hours, as well as standard change rooms,  three washrooms (2 disability accessible) and two showers (both disability accessible) for member usage. Air conditioning units keep our facility at an appropriate training temperature during the hotter months of the year.

The Equipment

The CounterBalance Conditioning Centre is fully stocked with brand new state-of-the-art commercial HOIST equipment for free weight and machine-based resistance training and lifting. Multi cage racks, smith machine, upper and lower body and core resistance machines and benches, multi-jungle cabling and functional cabling systems along with ample racks of free weights like dumbbells/plates, fixed weighted bars, a deadlift platform, astroturf for functional conditioning, a push sled and battle ropes. Kettle Bells, Med Balls and much more complete rooms for our resistance section.  Our cardio section holds Precor Treadmills, Octane Ellipticals and a Lateral-X Trainer, a Stairmaster Stepper, spin and recumbent bikes and two rowing machines for much cardio variety. We also have a private core conditioning room for the convenience of our members which houses with free weights, Slastic resistance bands, stability balls, BOSUs, balance boards, agility ladders, hurdles, PLYO boxes, a push sled and much more to enhance your  personal training sessions as well as your own training regime.





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