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CounterBalance Conditioning Centre Upcoming Events!

Variety is the spice of life...!!


CounterBalance is pleased to offer a variety of training approaches and educational opportunities at our Facility! Check out our list of upcoming training opportunities here and on our Personal Training Programs page! Visit our FaceBook or Instagram Page for regular business programming details and line ups!

***** NEW FOR 2022 *****

REGISTERED MASSAGE THERAPY @ CBALANCE -   We have hired a new Registered Massage Therapist, Sarah Cull, available for booking commencing November 8th, 2021. CONTACT US at our Front Desk today at  1(709) 634-4275 TODAY to book your Massage Sessions!! See our Personal Training & Massage web page for more details!

NEW APP LAUNCH -   We have launched a new online app training platform for our Personal Training programs both online and in-person. CONTACT US TODAY TO LEARN MORE!

PRIVATE PERSONAL TRAINING SESSIONS & ONLINE COACHING -  openings are available for private, small group and online coaching packages. Please contact our front desk or individual CBalance Trainers for openings and training opportunities! See PT Programs tab, Private 1on1 Sessions tab as well as our Online Coaching section on this website for more details! We have launched a new online training platform for our business.


Visit our website for a list of all of our services! Make your appointment today! 






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