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Amy J Gallant Bio

Elite Master Personal Trainer, CounterBalance Inc.

CEO, CounterBalance Conditioning & Fitness Inc.

Professional Accreditations/Credentials:


Elite Master Trainer Personal Trainer - Certifying MTPT Instructor (TAES)

[Training Specialized in Pain Management & Post-Rehabilitation]

Master Trainer Personal Trainer (TAES)

Body in Motion Expert - Biomechanics Expert (TAES - L1,2,3)

Exercise Technique & Correction Expert (TAES - L1,2,3)

Gait & Posture Analysis Expert (TAES - L1,2,3)

Program Design Expert (TAES - L1,2,3)

Personal Trainer Specialist (CanFitPro),

Sport Conditioning Coach 1 (Twist Inc.)

Sport Movement Specialist (Lev1,2) (Twist Inc.),

Sport Strength Specialist (Lev1) (Twist Inc.),

Sport Balance Specialist (Lev1) (Twist Inc.),

Fitness Instructor Specialist (YMCA)

REIKI Healing Master Practitioner & Certifying Teacher (USUI & Tibetan Reiki)

Yoga Instructor YTT 200HR Vinyasa (2018)

Orthomolecular Nutrition Practitioner (2018 - AoW)

Figure Competitor

Lifestyle/Wellness/Nutrition Coach

Motivational Speaker


Amy J. Gallant is a highly motivating and energetic person with extensive involvement in the sports and fitness industry for over the last two and a half decades of her life. After having started her own journey towards Wellness at age 12, she has ventured into many different areas of fitness conditioning including Group Fitness Instruction, Personal Training, Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting, Bodybuilding/Figure/Physique Competition Prep, Sports & Sports Conditioning Strength Coaching, Post-Rehabilitative/Pain & Posture Corrective Training as well as Pre & Post-Natal Training through her own pregnancy. Amy is also a an Elite Master Trainer Personal Trainer (certifying instructor) for the Trainer's Advantage Education Series Master Trainer Personal Trainer course line up. Professionally, she has over 20 years experience training clients, along with instructing numerous varieties of group conditioning classes obtaining phenomenal results with her training methods.


Amy is well-known in her home province and regularly holds public fitness and wellness-related info sessions/seminars at various facilities and events. Furthermore in being affiliated with numerous certifying bodies, she also formally educates fitness professionals and local populations within Newfoundland & Labrador through her many course offerings. Throughout her career she has also published many of her own fitness-related writings in newspapers, magazines, online newsletters and in journals locally, provincially and nationally. Amy as CEO has also won and has been nominated both locally and provincially for numerous business awards including Youth Entrepreneur of the Year (NLOWE, 2006), Community/Youth Impact, and Visionary awards. Most recently Amy has achieved a Master-Teacher's Level for a Reiki Energy Healing Practitioner Certification to further expand her services to certify others in the area of Reiki as well as a 200HR Yoga Alliance YTT Vinyasa Instructors course as well as a diploma in Orthomolecular Nutrition. She believes there needs to be a  conscious understanding of the totality of the need for a holistic approach to conditioning the physical self.


She continues to work diligently to improve and expand her business and Trainer Team, her industry and her presence in the community for the betterment of social health and well-being. With a focus on inspiration and motivation, Amy has also delivered many talks and seminars to many groups of individuals encouraging her idea of the need to “CounterBalance” elements in one's life to obtain their highest sense of well-being and health. Only through the pursuit of understanding all elements of health, wellness, nutrition and conditioning the body intelligently, can one obtain a higher quality of immunity, of fitness, of physical appearance and of pain-free physical function. Train smart, Get results!

Amy's Programming Specialties Include the Following:

- Stage Competition Prep - Bikini/Figure/Fitness/ Fitness Model/Physique/Bodybuilding -NOT LISTED IN PACKAGES DUE TO THE DIVERSITY OF TRAINING NEEDS FOR THESE CLASSES. Please Contact Trainer for an individualized quote.

- Muscle Gain & Fat Loss

- Sport-Specific Conditioning - Hockey/ Baseball/ SoftBall/ VolleyBall/ Figure Skating/ Triathletic& Run Race prep/ Powerlifting/ Olympic Lifting etc.

- Pain Management and Post-Rehabilitation Training - Injury pain relief, posture correction, etc.

- Pre/Post-Natal Conditioning

- Occupation-Specific Conditioning - PARE test prep and other job testing preparation

- Functional Training

- Nutrition Design, Orthomolecular (Supplementation) Design and BiofeedBack Analysis

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Amy's Online Packages & Rates:

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